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Pelican 7060 | Pelican FlashlightsThe Pelican 7060 LED Flashlight set a new standard in law enforcement excellence because, among other reasons, it functions using dual switch technology permitting the 7060 light to be activated by either a tail-mounted tactical switch or a body-mounted patrol switch. Today, this flashlight is the standard for law enforcement. These dual switches feature a momentary mode which permits the user to grip the 7060 in several positions while still being able to control activation. The Pelican 7060 flashlight uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to give maximum brightness while also being lighter weight than standard batteries.

The rim-ribs of the Pelican 7060 flashlight permit the user to see if the flashlight got unintentionally left on after it has been set face down. The flashlight's deliberately designed octagon shape means that the 7060 flashlight can be set down on an angled surface, such as a patrol car, without it rolling away.

There several accessories available for the The Pelican 7060 Flashlight:

  • 6057F- Pelican 7060 110V Transformer for Fast Charger
  • 6061F- 7060 Flashlight Direct Wiring Rig for Fast Charger
  • 7052OR- Pelican 7060 Flashlight Traffic Wand (Orange)
  • 7052YW- Pelican 7060 Flashlight Traffic Wand (Yellow)
  • 7060BC- Pelican Flashlight Bank Charger w/Five Ports
  • 7069- Pelican 7060 Replacement Rechargable Battery Pack
  • 7070- Pelican 7060 Desk/Dash Charger Base Unit
  • 7076- Pelican 7060 Plain Flashlight Holster
  • Pelican 7060 | Pelican Tactical LED Flashlight7078- Pelican 7060 Cordura Flashlight Holster
  • 7079- Pelican 7060 Basketweave Flashlight Holster
  • 8056F- Pelican Flashlight 12V Plug-in for Fast Charger

 Pelican is a company that was founded on a strong belief of integrity and adherence to the highest standards of quality. The employees at Pelican are dedicated to maintaining integrity at all times when making the products, in dealing with customers, and when it comes to their contributions to society. Value, quality, and competitive pricing of their products and customer service mean everything to them. At Pelican they also believe firmly in treating customers, representatives, and employees with great respect which is mirrored in thier high quality products. Whether the matter at hand is durable cases,  packaging solutions or Pelican flashlights, the Pelican mission is always the same: integrity and quality Pelican 7060 | CaseClub Authorized Pelican Dealerabove all.

 The Pelican 7060 LED flashlight is unique among Pelican products, which also include carrying cases, shipping cases, and storage cases. In fact Pelican is renowned for being the most superior expert company when it comes to providing flashights and cases, and thier products are used worldwide by governments, businessmen, law enforcement, and the U.S. military. Find out more about other great Pelican products at
Pelican 7060 Flashlight

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