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Pelican 1550 Cases | Case ClubPelican 1550 Cases offer you the protection you need, backed by a name you can trust. When it comes to keeping your equipment protected you simply can't use an inferior product. You have to seek out a case that is made with strong, durable materials and that is made to the highest quality standards. You want a case made by a company that stands behind their products and is willing to back them up with an iron-clad guarantee. All of these things can be found when you purchase Pelican 1550 Cases.

Strength in the Design

 With Pelican 1550 Cases you get strength built in. These cases are all water proof, dust proof, crush proof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof. Nothing is happening to your equipment, such as computers and camera equipment, when its sitting inside one of these cases. Pelican uses only the best materials to put together its protective cases that are second to none. The Pelican 1550 Cases features a polymer o-ring to lock out dust, water and anything else that may be threatening your equipment. These cases use stainless steel to create a secure protective case. There is stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors and pins in the hinges and handles. The foam on the interior is made of Co polymer Polypropylene with an open cell core and solid wall for strength that is light and easy to carry. This foam protects your equipment from any vibration or impact that could come its way.

Pelican 1550 Cases | Custom Foam Inserts The design features are not just to ensure your equipment is safe, but also to make these protective cases easy to use. The foam interior features “Pick N Pluck,” which is a unique design that allows you to customize the fit by simply removing pieces from the foam. The pieces are pre-cut to 1/2" cubes and can be plucked out with your fingers. Each case also features an automatic pressure equalizer valve that keeps the internal pressure at an ideal level without letting in water or dust. Lastly, you can't forget the single folding front handle that has a cushion non-slip grip.

Pelican 1550 Cases | Optional InsertsSpecifications

 Maybe you need to know a bit more about Pelican 1550 Cases to be sure they are right for you. Let's look at the specifications. Temperature wise, these cases can withstand to a minimum of negative ten degrees or a maximum of 210 degrees. The measurements of the inside of the case are 18 15/16" x 14 7/16" x 7 3/4". This case also will float in salt water with up to 45 pounds inside. If that is not enough for you, Pelican 1550 carrying cases are NATO codified, have been tested to meet military standards and are approved by the Air Transportation Association.

You do not have to just believe what you read. Go ahead and check out the Pelican 1550 Cases. You will see that these Pelican cases are well worth the money. Pelican stands behind every case they make, too, with an unconditional guarantee, a lifetime guarantee for replacement. Check out Case Club to find out more about these Pelican 1550 cases or to get yours today.

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