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Pelican 1510loc | Laptop Carrying Case | Case ClubThe Pelican 1510loc was built for the busy business traveler. If you have been looking all over for the perfect travel case for your laptop, then look no further. With the Pelican 1510loc you will get protection, convenience and durability, all in one. You also get a case that looks good and that compliments you instead of looking like an out of place oversize piece of luggage. If you can't think of checking your laptop with your other baggage, then the pelican 1510loc is the perfect choice for you with its sleek style and air line approved design. Let's take a look at the specific reasons why this case should be your first choice in a laptop case.


This Pelican case was specifically designed for business travelers. Many cases on the market are designed to be multipurpose. They are well made but lack style or sophistication. On the other hand, if you try to buy a case that is designed for business use, they often lack the security and durability needed for airline travel. The Pelican 1510loc has an elegant design. It looks great and it is something you won't mind traveling with. It also is built to the highest quality standards to offer the protection you need for your valuable laptop.

Pelican 1510loc | Desert TanThis case is tough, yet still conforms to the FAA maximum carry on size. You never have to check your laptop with your luggage and worry about it getting damaged or, even worse, lost. With this case, you can take it with you right on the plane so you know it is safe and secure.


The Pelican 1510loc is not all about looks, though. As mentioned, it is also built tough. This case will keep out water and dust. It is also crush proof. This case offers your laptop a level of security that it truly needs. The wheels are made of a strong polyurethane with stainless steel bearings. The core is of an open cell design that has a strong wall offering amazing protection, yet it is light to carry. Airline travel means changes in the air pressure. All that pressure building up inside your case could spell trouble, but not with this case. It features an automatic value that releases pressure while maintaining a water and dust tight seal.

Pelican 1510loc | Optional Personalized NameplateConvenience

 Laptop carrying cases are not all about looking good or protection. You also want them to be easy to use. Nothing to fear with this case. It has many nice features designed to help make it easy to use. The handle is completely retractable and features a comfort grip handle with a non-slip design. The latches are a double throw design for easy opening. The foam core is designed to allow you to to make a custom fit for your laptop. The foam is cut into 1/2" squares that can be removed by hand as needed.

The Pelican 1510loc laptop case works for the business traveler who worries about finding a case that is stylish, yet secure and also easy to use. This is one of the best Pelican cases for this type of use. It comes with a computer sleeve and accessory pouch as an added bonus and is available in black, green or desert tan. It also comes with Pelican's lifetime replacement guarantee. Find out more at Case Club.

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