Pelican 1490CC1 Case

Pelican 1490CC1 CaseThe Pelican 1490CC1 Case has a similar outer shell as the Pelican 1490 Case, except that here you get our laptop and notebook version of that case. Instead of being fitted with interior foam, our Pelican 1490CC1 Case is equipped with a tray your laptop or notebook computer to the base of the case. There also is a computer lid organizer. The Pelican 1490CC1 Case is engineered to be a mobile waterproof workstation that can go anywhere with you. Our Pelican 1490CC1 Case is also equipped with a shoulder strap, making it easy to carry.

Our Pelican 1490CC1 standard features include:

 - Fold-down handle
 - O-ring Seal
 - Purge Valve
 - Easy open Double-Throw latches
 - Blank Nameplate with an option to personalize
 - Large KeyLocking Latches
 - Shoulder Strap

Optional features include a TSA approved combo lock and desiccant silica gel.

Pelican 1490CC1 Case | Optional TSA LockWe can also outfit your case with a patented Pelican TSA Lock. The lock is designed to complement the extreme toughness of Pelican cases, and the TSA Lock is officially recognized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The Pelican TSA Lock permits travelers freedom of locking their Pelican cases while permitting TSA inspectors easy access without breaking the lock. This lock is made out of ultra-tough hardened stainless steel and brass. It also was designed with a combination that you can reset. This makes it easy for memorization and access. The lock is, of course, and the case is backed by our renowned Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence.

We also can outfit your Pelican 1490CC1 Case with Silica Gel . This proprietary silica gel absorbs dampness within the case to prevent condensation that often gets trapped within a case. The Silica Gel is a granular, highly porous, vitreous form of silica made synthetically out of sodium silicate. The Silica Gel are beads packed in a semi-permeable plastic, a form in which it can be used as a desiccant for controlling humidity, resist rust and prevent the spoilage and degradation of some goods.

Here are the specs for our Pelican 1490CC1 Case :
- Outside Dimensions: 19.44"L x 14.00"W x 4.75"D
- Inside Dimensions: 17.88"L x 11.50"W x 4.13"D
- Shipping Weight: 9 lbs

We are very confident that the Pelican 1490CC1 Case is the perfect computer carrying case for you if you need to travel, especially if you know that you'll be in humid or damp environment that could cause damage to your computer when you are transporting it. The Pelican 1490CC1 Case has been designed with the busy traveling businessman in mind, but it is perfect for anyone else who needs to safely transport their computer.

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