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Pelican 1440 | Case ClubYou have many choices in protective cases for your equipment and valuables, but the Pelican 1440 is a choice well worth considering. This case is exceptionally made, has a nice variety of options and features exclusive design features offered only from Pelican. Some of the different features of the Pelican 1440 are strictly aesthetic while others impact the function of the case. As you find out more about this case you will see why it is a top seller.

The Basics

 The Pelican 1440 is a top loading case that features a wheel design for easy maneuvering. This case allows you to easily see everything inside your case from a simple top view. It measures at 17.10" x 7.50" x 16", has two wheels and weighs 16.5 pounds. The Pelican 1440 case comes in six different color choices: black, silver, orange, yellow, green and desert tan.


 The Pelican 1440 has many nice features. This case is built to be easy to use. It features a retractable extension handle, easy to open double throw latches and a rubber over-molded handle for a comfort grip. It is also built to be functional and secure with wheels made of strong polyurethane and stainless steel bearings; an o-ring seal; an open cell core that has a solid wall design built to be strong, yet lightweight; an automatic pressure equalization valve and padlock protectors made of stainless steel. The Pelican 1440 also features “Pick N Pluck” technology; comes with a lifetime guarantee of excellence and is watertight, crush proof and dust proof. Your equipment will be protected from almost anything that could come its way when it is safely inside the Pelican 1440.


Pelican 1440 | Office Divider Kit One of the best things about the Pelican 1440 is that you are not stuck with just one design choice. You actually have many additional options that you can add onto your case to make it exactly what you want it to be. You can get a fully loaded case or choose optional add-ons to perfect your case.

 The basic Pelican 1440 has all the features listed above. With the NF model there is no foam. The 1444 comes with a padded divider set and lid organizer. All carrying cases offer the option of getting a personalized name plate. Additionally, you can purchase replacement o-rings, padded divider sets, office dividers or a lid organizer separately.

Choosing a case for your equipment is not always an easy decision. There are many different options on the market, but as you can see the Pelican 1440 is a great option. You get style, function and security all in one. With all the options you can make this case perfect for your needs. Keep your equipment protected with Pelican cases from Case Club.

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