Pelican 1430

The Pelican 1430 is an overall high-quality product that will exceed your expectations. The Pelican name is well known for producing products that go beyond what you would expect from a simple laptop case. Pelican knows that your laptop is a valuable possession that requires great care and protection. They produce laptop cases that are built to the highest quality standards with features that ensure your laptop is always safe, secure and that you never have to worry about damage when you use one of their cases, like the Pelican 1430.

There are many different great features that the Pelican 1430 has. It has many safety features that will ensure your laptop is kept in perfect condition and safe from anything that could cause it harm while you are traveling. This case also features many nice features that make using it easy and convenient.

Safe and Secure

 The Pelican 1430 is watertight, dust proof and crush proof. It is a fortress for your laptop. The case is kept tightly sealed through the use of a polymer o-ring that keeps out everything from water to dust. The case also features plenty of stainless steel with stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors.

Pelican 1430 | Office Divider KitThis top loading laptop case features interior measurements of 13.56 x 11.7 x 5.76. It has an open cell core with a solid wall and a convoluted foam in the lid. The foam keeps your laptop from being scratched or from moving about inside the case. Additionally, the Pelican 1430 case features an automatic pressure equalization valve. This valve allows for the release of air pressure inside the case without allowing water or dust inside. It is great when you are flying or otherwise experiencing changes in elevation that can cause air to build up within the case.

Comfort and Use Features

The Pelican 1430 has a foam core that is customizable. No tools are needed because you simply pluck out the foam that you do not need in 1/2" cubes. This allows you to create a perfect fit. In addition, this foam core is lightweight, so no worries about lugging around a heavy case. Also for your convenience the case features a single folding front handle with a cushion grip that is non-slip and over molded. Another great feature that makes using the Pelican 1430 easy are the double throw latches that make opening the case a snap.


Pelican 1430 | Optional Pick and Pluck Foam Pelican always gives you options. With the Pelican 1430 you can choose from 5 different colors - black, orange, yellow, green and desert tan. All Pelican carrying cases come with a lifetime guarantee of excellence, too. You can buy accessories for the case separately including, replacement foam, strap kit, o-ring replacement, padded dividers, office dividers, a boat bracket or a lid organizer.

You also can get your case made in different ways. There is the basic or you can choose the NF model with no foam, the 1434 with padded dividers and a lid organizer included or the deluxe 1437 with padded office dividers and a lid organizer.

You get a lot of choices when you buy Pelican cases. The goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. So, stop by Case Club to get your Pelican 1430 today.

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