Pelican 1200

Pelican 1200 | Lifetime GuaranteeThe Pelican 1200 case is small and specifically made to protect what is inside--not just act as a carrying case. The case's o-ring makes it 100% waterproof. Never worry about rain, sleet, or snow if when taking the Pelican 1200 outside. This is also one of the smallest Pelican cases with double throw latches. These latches pry against themselves when opening, making it quick and easy to get to the contents inside--yet they are some of the most secure latches manufactuered. With the reinforced ribs, The Pelican 1200 case is virtually indestructible and for this reason it has a lifetime guarantee.

In addition to the o-ring, what makes the Pelican 1200 case so watertight is its purge valve that allows air to move freely in and out of the case. This valve still keeps water out, plus it means that the Pelican 1200 case can be easily opened at high altitudes. The Pelican 1200 Case has a fold down handle, which makes it easy for someone to set it down, open it and retrieve the contents inside.

Pelican 1200 case standard features are:

  • Fold-down handle
  • Easy open Double-Throw latches
  • Pelican 1200 | Frame Panel Kit AccessoryPurge Valve
  • O-ring Seal

 Pelican 1200 case options:

  • Replacement 3 Piece Pick & Pluck Foam Set
  • Desiccant Silica Gel
  • Pelican Mounts [set of 4]
  • Custom Foam Insert
  • Frame Panel Kit
  • Combo Lock (TSA)

Pelican 1200 | Custom Foam InsertsThe custom foam inserts that can be fitted into the Pelican 1200 Case is an amazing feature in and of itself. This interior is made of custom foam inserts. Case Club, which is an authorized dealer of Pelican cases, specializes in custom foam inserts for all of its cases. Case Club can customize foam for any case. Why would someone pay for a customized foam interior of a case? There are many reasons. First, it really isn't that much longer of a wait, or that more expensive. The difference in quality is dramatic. The customization will give the case a professional look that can never be replicated with standard stock foam or "pick and pluck". A customized foam insert gives more protection than a pick and pluck interior as the pressure points are eliminated. An interior made with customized foam inserts will last longer than the standard pick and pluck. Besides...why should someone what invest in a do-it-your-self foam insert when Case Club can make an insert that specially made to hug the expensive equipment you want to carry.

The Pelican 1200 case and, if needed, Case Club's custom foam inserts to go with it are the "perfect" solution for someone needing small carrying cases.

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