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Pelican 1060 | Micro Carrying Case By PelicanCase Pelican 1060 case, one of Pelican's original case designs, is water resistant micro case This case is great for storing value items that need to be protected from moisture and water. The Pelican 1060 case was engineered specifically to take abuse of the elements. With its water resistant seal and purge valve you can be assured that the contents within are protected. Pelican 1060 case was designed specifically for shipping. This case has changed little since its inception, but where it has changed it has only been improved.

The Pelican 1060 has an unbreakable outer shell and a impact absorbing elastomeric liner that is color coordinated with the latch. This water resistant micro case comes with a convenient split ring and lanyard. This case can handle any kind of abuse. Whether you are taking a trip to the beach or hiking through the wilderness this micro case will keep your valuable safe from the outside elements. The Pelican 1060 case comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Standard Features of the Pelican 1060 case: is the purge valve and water resistant seal. The case is crush proof and will never chip, dent or break.

Pelican 1060 | Shown With Custom Foam InsertsThe Pelican 1060 Case also is available with with optional features: Desiccant Silica Gel, Pick & Pluck Foam set or a custom foam interior. With the Pick & Pluck Foam set you can tear out cubes of foam until the interior foam insert fits the specified valuable you want to transport in the micro case. If you want a foam interior that hugs your valuables precisely. You can send Case Club your valuable or CAD diagram of the valuable and their team will design a custom foam insert for your Pelican 1060 Case

Pelican 1060 Case colors and Dimensions:

  • Outside Dimensions: 9.37"L x 5.56"W x 2.62"D
  • Inside Dimensions: 8.43"L x 4.43"W x 2.25"D
  • Color: Clear, Black, Blue, Yellow or Red

Pelican 1060 | Authorized Pelican DealerCase Club, which is an authorized Pelican Case dealer, can outfit a 1060 case with custom foam inserts. These custom foam inserts can be fitted into the case perfectly. Many people wonder why they should wait a little longer and pay a little more money for customized foam inserts. Why can't they just save time and money with pick and pluck stock foam inserts? Well, it simply comes down to a matter of quality. Custom foam inserts do not take that long to make or cost that much more; However, the results are dramatically better. Custom foam inserts last longer. A custom foam insert offers superior protection and there are no pressure points. A customized foam insert looks professional, but pick and pluck does not. If someone needs to do a lot of foam insertion pick and pluck becomes time consuming--whereas if someone is getting a customized job done, they can make save time.

Pelican 1060 cases available from CaseClub, make Pelican micro carrying cases a "perfect" solution for transporting expensive items.

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