Aluminum Makeup Case

When looking for a strong and durable Aluminum Makeup Case, you aren't limited to just a metal case that looks industrial. There are some great choices that include the Aluminum Makeup Case selection you can find in the Pink Collection. This collection features strong, durable makeup cases that have pink with black polka dot or pink and white stripped exteriors. The Aluminum Makeup Case, models AB60, AB63PS and AB68PS feature a variety of sizes to carry your makeup, yet offer that feminine touch for those overnight trips.

Of course, you can also find a sturdy Aluminum Makeup Case on wheels that are large enough to house a variety of things including your makeup, jewelry and personal electronics. These strong cases feature a pull-up extendable handle and wheels to get you quickly where you need to go. You also can carry them with the fold-down handle.

You can get the traditional silver dot or silver exterior Aluminum Makeup Case with a key lock latch that opens in the center and has fold-out trays. If you just need a small Aluminum Makeup Case to pack in your checked bag, you might consider the nifty little clear packaging tube PKG04 with aluminum ends that reminds you of the canisters you find at the bank drive-thru. You can keep your nail polish and ravel size shampoos and lotions from getting on your clothes.

 You can always opt for a hard shell Pelican Case, like the Pelican 1510 that is meant specifically for airline carry-on usage. However, some women like to keep their cosmetics separate and the selections in sizes make it easy to find the Aluminum Makeup Case you need. Even those that are in theatrics will love some of the larger models of Aluminum Makeup Case selections because they have the foldout trays and wheels to make it easy to find everything you are looking for, while also making them easy to transport, like the AB308T. It features a deep well design with trays, but it has moveable dividers and comes in the black hole or black dot exterior for a professional appearance.

 For those that like to go to the day spa, the attractive Spa Cases, like the JB22, JB36 or JB39 and JB43 are affordable clear acrylic cases that feature silver framework and latch, as an ultra-chic alternative to the traditional Aluminum Makeup Case. No matter what kind of needs you might have to turn your home makeup gallery into a traveling show, you can find the perfect style of makeup case to protect your makeup, keep it organized and safely protected from shocks and impact. Whether you are looking for beauty, makeup or jewelry Carrying Cases, Storage Cases, an Aluminum Makeup Case or Spa Case, Case Club has aluminum cases to fit your style.

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