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Aluminum Cases | Pina Zangaro Camden Series Presentation FolderWhen you have valuable things to protect, like laptops or expensive electronics, Aluminum Cases are a great way to do it. There are a variety of affordable Aluminum Cases you can buy, including aluminum briefcases, aluminum professional make-up cases with bumper corners and wheels or you can get aluminum cases to transport your valuable jewelry.

Aluminum cases are not only durable and built to last, but also provide a professional appearance. Appearance sells, and an aluminum case by either TZ or Pina Zangaro will get your message across.

Pina Zangaro aluminum cases are made for the professional artist, designer, product developer or student. The Camden Series aluminum cases are crafted of anodized aluminum with reinforced corners, spring-loaded steel latches and an extruded aluminum fixed position handles. These aluminum portfolio cases are designed to provide maximum protection for artwork and come in a variety of sizes.

The Pina Zangaro line offers more than just aluminum cases. For your presentation materials you can choose from a wide range of aluminum products including portfolio covers, packaged portfolios, Binders, Boxes and CD Jewel Cases. All made of either satin, brushed or anodized aluminum.

Aluminum Cases | TZ AB 407 Aluminum Make Up CaseAluminum Cases by TZ offer great value as well as the great protection of the Pina Zangaro line with more options. For the professional on the road your life just became a little easier with the TZ aluminum brief case. TZ aluminum cases can store your laptop and accessories for your next business presentation. They provide an impressive packaging solution, and custom cases will make your product stand out. Many of our TZ aluminum cases for business include organizer pockets for your cell phone, pda calculator, business cards, pens and electronic storage mediums. The interiors are finished off in faux leather.

Make both your job and your life a little easier with our striking aluminum attaché cases and business products. We have cases for your laptop and accessories for your next business presentation as well as impressive packaging solutions and custom cases that will make your product stand out. It will be a pleasure doing business with products from a TZ. Case. The inside features organizer pockets for a cell phone, a PDA, a calculator, business cards, pens and discs, all in faux leather.

Aluminum Cases | TZ TC03 Aluminum CaseTZ offers a striking selection of different aluminum cases. No matter what your requirements a TZ aluminum case is just right for you. Choose from aluminum brief cases, gun/ rifle/ archery aluminum cases, laptop aluminum cases, product prototype/ special tool cases, ring/ jewelry/ make-up cases, a wheeled aluminum case or a purse made from aluminum. TZ aluminum cases fit all of your needs.

No matter whether you choose the sleek designs of Pina Zangaro for your presentation materials or choose the rugged good looks of our TZ aluminum cases, has the product packaging, storage, transportation and carrying cases just right for you.

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