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Aluminum Brief Cases | Pina Zangaro AC 44Our aluminum brief cases are what you need if you've have valuables you want to protect, such as computers or photography equipment. Our aluminum brief cases come in a variety of affordable models and styles designed to meet anyone's equipment protection needs.

Our aluminum brief cases are tough, built to last, and designed to have a professional appearance. You know that looks sell. This is why we carry such big-selling aluminum brief cases, such as TZ and Pina Zangaro - perfect for helping you show your top quality professionalism. The Pina Zangaro aluminum brief cases that we stock are made for professionals, such as artists, graphic designers, and product developers. However, they also are perfect for students. The Camden Series aluminum brief cases we stock are made out of anodized aluminum and feature aluminum fixed position handles, reinforced corners, and spring-loaded steel latches. These aluminum brief cases, which are available in various sizes, are also portfolio cases put together in order to provide maximum protection for artwork. In fact, we stock Portfolio Coversbecause they offer a wide array of aluminum products beyond the brief case, such as packaged portfolios, portfolio covers, boxes, binders, and CD jewel cases.

Aluminum Brief Cases | TZ AC 38Aluminum brief cases by TZ are competitively priced and can offer you even more options than the Pina Zangaro cases. TZ aluminum cases feature high quality packaging solutions and can be easily customized. The TZ aluminum brief cases typically feature cell phone organizer pockets, PDA calculator pockets, and pockets for business cards, pens, and electronics, with case interiors topped off in faux leather.

Here are a few examples of some of our best sellers:

The TZ AC38 Aluminum brief cases has an outside dimension of 18.00" x13.00" x 5.00" and inside dimension of 17..37" x 12.50" x 4.25." This case is manufactured using anodized aluminum. This case also features a faux leather interior, triple combination lock, two key lock latches and a triple expandable file and organizer pockets.

The TZ AC208 cases are a very professional-looking aluminum brief case. They have an outside dimension of 10.00" x6.50" x 2.00" and inside dimension of 9.75" x6.25" x 1.75." This case features aluminum panels, one-key lock, an inside gusseted pocket and organizer pockets.

The TZ AC66 aluminum briefcase features outside dimensions of 18.00" x13.00" x 3.00" and inside dimensions of 17.75" x12.75" x 2.75." The case is made of anodized aluminum and features a faux leather interior, locks, two key lock latches, and a triple expandable file and organizer pockets.

You can see by just these few examples that we stock only the highest quality aluminum brief cases. Whatever your transportation, equipment protection or carrying cases needs are, we have the case that you're looking for.

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