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Armloc Rifle Safety System
Lifetime Warranty

The Armloc Enforcer is a sophisticated firearms and tactical weapons case with exclusive locking systems and optional mounting brackets. The Armloc Enforcer was designed with professional law enforcement in mind however hunters and sportsmen will like the rugged quality of this lockable, transportable Armloc Enforcer case as well. The Armloc Enforcer comes with a lifetime warranty. The Armloc Enforcer Case is perfect for storing your rifle because it will prevent any unwanted entry.

Armloc Enforcer Heavy Duty Latches & Locks

Armloc Enforcer Tilt Wheels for Easy Transport

FAA Requirements:

The Armloc Enforcer Rifle case meets the FAA requirements for commercial airlines.  Their requirements include: a solid case that can be stowed in underneath storage, a handled case for carrying, and a locking system on the case for security.

Armloc Enforcer 37 Rifle Case

Armloc Enforcer 37 Case Specifications:

  • Features: Two cylinder locks engage internally onto the patented
    anti pry bar Dual key locks are keyed alike.

  • Latches: Two Re-Settable combination locks & two non-locking latches.

  • Material: Copolymer Polypropylene Resin

  • O-ring Seal keeps out moisture.

  • Hinges - 4 in length with one end closed.

  • Foam: 2 lb. High Density Polyester.

  • Optional submergible waterproofing for marine use.

  • Outside dimensions: 37" x 17 1/2" x 6"

  • Inside dimensions: 36" x 13 1/2" x 5"

  • Weight: 17 lbs.

    Armloc Enforcer Mounting System: 

    Case Club offers optional mounting systems for all Armloc Enforcer cases. Four custom brackets mount on the inside of the Armloc Enforcer Case, with mounting brackets for the utility vehicle, luxury boat, or home. These steel brackets are mounted together with steel shafted thumbscrews secured on the inside of the Armloc Enforcer Rifle case for high security. The Armloc Enforcer case can be released quickly and ready for transportation and use.

$ 229.70  

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