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Aquapac Seti Case


Overview Aquapac 748 Case:

Youíve brought too much stuff. You know it, but itís better to be prepared you reckon. Despite the atrocious weather and salt-spray you know everything will be safe and sound, and ready for when (and if) you ever need it on this adventure of yours.

* Aquapac 748 case is ideal for protecting laptops and great as a grab-bag
* Designed with 'feet' for added stability to the case's base
* The UV-stabilized TPU Aquapac 748 case material won't be broken down or discoloured by sunlight
Aquapac 748 case is guaranteed submersible to 15ft/5m and keeps dust and sand out
* Aquapac 748 case will float safely if dropped in water

Aquapac 748 Seti Case $ 70.00


* A detachable and adjustable shoulder strap so you can wear the case comfortably
* A detachable carry handle

* Aquapac 748 case comes with a packet of 5 desiccant sachets. These will help absorb any condensation in the air inside the Aquapac 748 case.
* Aquapac 748 case comes with our 3-year global warranty

The Aquapac 748 Seti case will comfortably fit maps, books, sunscreen, wallets/purses, and handheld electronics.

Aquapac 748 case dimensions: Maximum size of equipment to fit in case:
Circumference 25.6in/650mm
Length 12.6in/320mm


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