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Aquapac Large Whanganui Case

Aquapac 664 Case

Overview Aquapac 664 Case:

It’s a lot harder following a map on the water than you’d thought. Everything looks, well, enormous from the deck of a canoe and the fact that you have capsized twice today is sapping your morale. At least you stashed an emergency chocolate bar in with the map, which is securely bungeed to the foredeck. Time to down-paddle and have a treat… perhaps dig out the camera and reel off a shot or two while you’re at it.

* Ideal for protecting your maps, electronics and personal possessions
* The UV-stabilized TPU
Aquapac 664 case material won't be broken down or discolored by sunlight
Aquapac 664 case is guaranteed submersible to 15ft/5m and keeps dust and sand out
* Aquapac 664 case will float safely if dropped in water

Aquapac 664 Large Whanganui Case $ 45.00

* Comes with an adjustable neck cord so you can hang or tie it anywhere
Aquapac 664 case comes with our 3-year global warranty

The Aquapac 644 Large Whanganui case will comfortably fit maps, small books, sunscreen, wallets/purses, mobile and personal electronics

Aquapac 664 case dimensions: Maximum size of equipment to fit in case

Aquapac 664 case Circumference 17.3in/440mm
Aquapac 664 case Length 11.5in/295mm


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