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Aquapac Connected Electronics Case

Overview Aquapac 554 Case:

The Aquapac 554 Connected Electronics case features the 'TC' Aquaclip a wire-thru seal which is waterproof allowing wires up to 2.5mm (1/10th inch) thick to be used with your equipment.

* Use your equipment normally in the Aquapac 554 case as sound and signal pass right through the material.
* If using a stylus, it can be used normally through the clear window on the Aquapac 554 case.
* The airtight seal means your equipment will float safely if you drop it in water.
* CAUTION! We recommend the
Aquapac 554 case for surface use mainly. Not for continued submersion.

Aquapac 554 Connected Electronics Case $ 90.00

* A detachable neck cord
* An adjustable belt
Aquapac 554 case comes with our 3-year global warranty

Aquapac 554 case dimensions: Maximum size of equipment to fit in case:
Length: 8.75in/225mm
Circumference: 9.75in/250mm


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