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Aquapac Small PDA Case

Aquapac 344 Case

Overview Aquapac 344 Case:

Now that you have your super-duper PDA or Smartphone packed full of features, it has become your constant companion. You no longer have to be confined to your office or home to email, have internet access or record information. You can do all that and more all on one unit with your PDA while you're on the go enjoying the outdoors - only by having it protected with an Aquapac 344 case.

Your top priority now would be to protect it from exposure to water, sand or dirt wouldn't you say? It would be a shame to have your expensive unit falling overboard or being covered in dirt or sand, causing you to loose all that important information. That's where the Aquapac 344 case comes in..

The Aquapac 344 Small PDA case provides an innovative and guaranteed waterproof solution to enable you to use your PDA safely and with confidence in the outdoor environment battling against those destructive elements. What's more - you can enjoy all the features of your PDA as normal through the
Aquapac 344 case.

Aquapac 344 Small PDA Case $ 30.00

* You can use a stylus as normal through the clear window of the Aquapac 344 case
* We've added a LENZFLEX window on the back of the Aquapac 344 case, which means that if you have a Smartphone or PDA with a camera you'll be able to take photos right through the Aquapac 344 case.
* Designed with an integral stylus holder
* Aquapac 344 case is guaranteed submersible to 15 feet (5 meters).
* The UV-stabilized TPU Aquapac 344 case material won't be broken down or discolored by sunlight.
* Aquapac 344 keeps out dust and sand too.
* The Aquapac 344 airtight seal means your PDA will float safely if dropped in water
* Suitable for PDAs or PDA-style phones without expansion packs

* Aquapac 344 case comes with an adjustable neckcord so you can hang it round your neck.
* Aquapac 344 case comes with our 3-year global warranty.

Aquapac 344 case dimensions: Maximum size of equipment to fit in case
Length: 6in/150mm
Circumference: 7.9in/200mm

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