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Aquapac Small VHF Classic Case

Overview Aquapac 224 Case:

You’re climbing off the boat and onto the shore and you lose your footing. A quick grab ensures that you don’t end up face-first in the shallows but the saving-hand was holding the VHF. You look down and there it is, bobbing alongside the bow in the swell, floating happily in its Aquapac 224 case. You don’t turn around to acknowledge the people behind – why’s it always you who’s the clumsy one?

* Aquapac 224 case is suitable for both left & right hand antenna radios.
* Aquapac 224 case guaranteed submersible to 5 metres (15 feet).
* Aquapac 224 case will float with your radio inside.
* Sound transmits straight through the TPU Aquapac 224 case material.
* The UV stabilized TPU Aquapac 224 case material won't breakdown or become discolored by sunlight.

Aquapac 224 Small VHF Classic Case $ 35.00

* Aquapac 224 case comes with an adjustable neckcord so you can hang it round your neck.
* Aquapac 224 case comes with our 3-year global warranty.

Aquapac 224 case dimensions: Maximum size of equipment to fit in case
Length of Radio body: 7in/175mm
Length of Radio body including antenna: 13in/330mm
Circumference: 7.6in/195mm

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