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Aquapac Cochlear Implant, Radio Microphone, Insulin Pump Case

Overview Aquapac 158 Case:

You just want to be able to get this stuff wet. To submerge and not have to worry about things breaking down and the cost and hassle of repair. Finally, the answer, and on a belt so you can stop worrying about carrying it all too.

 * Use your equipment normally in the Aquapac 158 case as sound and signal pass right through the material.
* The airtight seal means your equipment will float safely if you drop it in water.
* CAUTION! We recommend the
Aquapac 158 case for surface use mainly. Not for continued submersion

Aquapac 158 Medical / Electronic Case $ 65.00

*An adjustable belt
*Aquapac 158 case comes with our 3-year global warranty
Aquapac 158 case dimensions: Maximum size of equipment to fit in case:
158 Length: 6in/150mm
158 Circumference: 6.25in/160mm


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