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Aquapac Large Classic Case


Aquapac 134 Case

Overview Aquapac 134 Case:

Have you ever lost a phone to water damage? If not, you've been really lucky… so far! Depending on who you talk to, something between 10% and 25% of all mobile phones end up ruined by water. And that's in the general population, half of whom rarely get off the couch! If you're the active-in-the-Great-Outdoors type and you need to take your phone with you then the odds are seriously stacked against its surviving very long. Unless the phone is already 100% waterproof (is yours?) Or unless you protect it inside a 100% waterproof Aquapac 134 case.

Once your phone is safely tucked up inside the
Aquapac 134 case you'll be able to take it and use it wherever you want to go and whatever you like to get up to.
A fair number of GPS units are waterproofed these days, to an international standard called IPX7. This means they are designed to withstand temporary immersion. For example, an accidental dunk or splash in the lake. The Aquapac 134 case is tested to the higher standard IPX8 which means they would protect your GPS even if for some reason it had to be submerged continuously.

In actual fact the
Aquapac 134 case rating is IP68. The '6' indicates that as well as being 100% waterproof the Aquapac 134 case is also 100% airtight and dustproof. Being airtight, the Aquapac 134 case will make your GPS buoyant. So if you drop it over the side, instead of it being lost to Davy Jones's Locker it'll stay floating safely on the surface, and you'll be able to retrieve it safely.

If you use any electronics in a marine environment, under continuous exposure to salt air, experience shows that even 'waterproof' equipment will eventually succumb to corrosion. Unless, that is, you invest in the Aquapac 134 case.

Aquapac 134 Large Classic Case $ 30.00


* You can make and take calls right through the plastic of the Aquapac 134 case. With most phones it makes no noticeable difference to the volume. And the GPS signal is also unaffected.
* The Aquapac Large Phone/GPS Case (code 134) will fit the older phones and GPS models or Smartphones.
* Aquapac 134 case will float with your phone/GPS in it.
* Aquapac 134 case is guaranteed submersible to 15 feet (5 meters).
* The UV-stabilized TPU Aquapac 134 case material won't be broken down or discolored by sunlight.
* Aquapac 134 case keeps out dust and sand too.

Aquapac 134 case Supplied with:

* Aquapac 134 case comes with an adjustable neckcord so you can hang it round your neck.
* Aquapac 134 case comes with our 3-year global warranty.

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