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The Pelican 1510LOC case is made for professional business. LOC stands for Laptop Overnight Case which means just that. It's a mix between an airline carry-on case  and laptop case. (The sleeve fits 15.4" laptops). The Pelican 1510LOC has a compartment for your laptop (pictured in the lid on the left in the picture) and others for cables . The sleeve and compartment is Velcroed into the lid of the 1510LOC case and can be removed without exposing your laptop. (Perfect for taking it to business meetings). The Pelican 1510LOC case has plenty of storage room for apparel or anything else that needs to come with you. This 1510LOC case is an awesome investment for any airline traveler. The Pelican 1510LOC Airline Carry-On Case fits in the storage compartment overhead in the aircraft utilizing space. Since the Pelican 1510LOC does not have to be checked in, the risk of your values getting lost by the airline is eliminated. Of course since the Pelican 1510LOC is a Pelican Case you know your contents will still be protected after the flight has landed. This is because the 1510LOC case is 100% waterproof and engineered unbreakable. For reference there is also the Pelican 1510 Case case which comes empty, with Pick and Pluck foam, or dividers.

Interior Dimensions:
20.187"L x 11.375"W x 7.5"D
Exterior Dimensions:
22"L x 14"W x 9"D
Fold down handle
Large Latches
Integral Personalized Nameplate
Tilt Wheels & Extension Handle
Purge Valve
O-ring Seal  
Shipping Weight:
16 lbs

Custom Foam Insert
Combo Locks
Peli Mounts {set of 4}

Desiccant Silica Gel
Flat Foam